by Sarah

The search for ananda.

Ananda, in Sanskrit, translates to the highest possible form of bliss, and the power of ecstasy itself and is my favourite part of the anusara yoga invocation. My journey over the next year, culminating in 27 days of yoga teacher training in Bali, is a search for just that; the essence of happiness. What will I do with my life to achieve and cultivate bliss that is pervasive and consistent regardless of situation? I hope that the focus and dedication I achieve through constant yoga practice (hopefully!) can provide some answers to this ultimate question.

Why blog about it?

I was working at a different Starbucks today and a coworker asked me what I did outside of work. I started to explain about the 30 day challenge that I was beginning on Tuesday, when she stopped me to ask: is that it? Just do yoga everyday for 30 days? And when she put it that way, it didn’t seem like quite as big of challenge. But it’s not just about the physical practice of yoga, being on the mat for 30 days in a row. It’s taking the struggles and success from in class and applying it to each and every day. Hopefully, through thoughtful reflection in the form of writing I can make this transformation a little easier. To cultivate bliss each and every day. And then tell you about it.