To set intentions…

by Sarah

Breathe more. The end. 

At the start of every practice, a teacher or student sets an intention. What do you want to achieve today? Why did you come here to practice? Taking the entire 30 day challenge as a practice, it’s time to set some intentions, or goals for the next month.

Goal 1: Power through

I will be able to complete a power class, with all the lunges and warrior poses up high, with no resting.

Goal 2: Invert

I will be able to get into a handstand, unassisted, against a wall.

Goal 3: Focus

I will have the focus necessary to dedicate myself to a running plan designed to get me to run a 10 km

Goal 4: Perspective

I will blog every day about my yoga journey for 30 days.

Goal 5: Pure

I will abstain from meat for all 30 days. NO CHEATING, SARAH.

30 days to achieve these goals. Totally obtainable!

Practice 1/30: Power 4pm with Andrea Spiegel. 

Theme: Creating Space. Using breath as a buffer between the observer and the actor. “Yoga has a two page book on how to do this: Breathe more. The end.” I got an “awesome” with the pose where you fold forward, but in triangle? The class was tough on my thighs, like normal, so much sweat, but there was a point where I reached some clarity and the poses got a little easier. I guess I just remembered to breathe more. Really enjoyed the 3 ohms at the start, especially with a majority of masculine voices. So resonant and     s p a c i o u s. 🙂