by Sarah

Practice 3/30: Flow at 9:45am with Angela (again! I promise I’m not stalking!)

Theme: a Mandala Practice

Not quite as beautiful as savasana....

This was my favorite practice of the 30 day challenge so far. (Yes, out of 3, that’s allowed!) It was based on the creation of mandalas (sanskrit for circle) by Tibetan monks. They make these incredibly elaborate circle patterns, and then just throw them into the sea. While the pattern is destroyed, the effect of the creation stays with the monk. Taking this into yoga, the poses that we work so hard on, the beauty we create with our bodies is ‘thrown into the sea’ leaving only the effects. The best part of the practice was the movement that is always so key in flow classes, but manifested in a circular repetition of poses. Simple movements that result in a graceful meditative state. It’s definitely a set of vinyasas that I could see myself take to a home practice.

The last 2 classes I have been to leave me thinking a lot about authenticity. I have a big problem with my yoga ego. I want to be the best at every pose, ever. I’m more flexible, more meditative and more flow-y than YOU are. I constantly have to remind myself to get out of the competition, game face zone and back into the basics of the pose. Yes, even though my face is a little closer to my shins that yours is in forward fold, my back has a wicked curve in it. Straighten out the back and the pose becomes more authentic, more genuine and creates a longer lasting effect, even if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture in my head. I’ll save the competition for other things in life.