Week 1 Theme: Know your values

by Sarah

Today I have to blog before my class due to crazy work schedule, and putting someone special first. I’ll update with class happenings later.

(Practice 4/30: Anusara-inspired at 1:15 with ANDREA! Seriously getting a stalker syndrome happening. NOT her normal class, she’s subbing. If she kills my thighs again, I’m staging a boycott, maybe even a walk-out, not that I’ll be able to… you know….walk.)

YYoga is giving us a new theme to consider each week of our 30 day challenge. This first week is ‘values’. Knowing your personal values gives your life the consistency and integrity that is the core of yoga by providing a ruler by which to measure each decision. Values are something that don’t change, even though chaos can be going on around you.

Evaluating your values: hints from YYoga

They suggest identifying three values that you find important in your life right now. Again, the word ‘authentic’ is used…seems to be a pervasive theme this week. These are three values I find important that I can use to live authentically and with integrity.

1) Do no harm- This is a yogic concept that transfers easily from the mat to the real world. Do no harm to your body, yourself or the people around you. It’s incredibly tough to think about the consequences of each decision, and how they may be affecting the people around you, but I’ve been trying to be more forward thinking.

2) Friendships- This summer has been really hard, with friends being away (hey seattle….) or super busy, or just preoccupied. Its made me realize the importance of working hard on each friendship to not let them fade away, and to put extra effort into developing new ones.

3) Leaving the world better than when you started-
‎”The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” (Nelson Henderson).
I want to impact the world positively for generations to come. Not just doing no harm, but doing GOOD.

There are so many other values I could list, but these are the most relevant to me today. Thoughts? What are 3 values that you hold closely in your life today?