But… I’m a Scientist!

by Sarah

Practice 5/30: Flow Intermediate with Meghan Currie at 10am
She recently wrote a post on the lululemon lab about a funzy onzie she created….and after I read it, I knew I wanted to play along with a practice of hers. In the stalking saga, Andrea showed up to take the class too!

It was pretty much exactly what I expected; the unexpected. Lots of wild things, and crazy flows, and sometimes I tried to plant my foot in places that tangled me up like spaghetti. Lefts and Rights get me confused often. And so much Chaturanga Danadasana. It normally makes me feel strrrrrong, but after the SEVENTEEN MILLION we did in this class I feel exhausted and shakey. It’s basically a pushup, but slower, lower, and more controlled. She asked for requests at the start, and I swear to god she fit all 12 of the most unrelated things into the practice. JUST LIKE THAT. Her ability to live in the moment and feel the flow is incredibly inspiring.

wild thang....i think i love ya.

So what does being a scientist matter? Meghan started the class with a quote. Something like, “The more you think you know, the less you Know.” And talked about how what we learn from other people and from textbooks is just one interpretation of the way things are. So, why did I spend four years reading about genetic theories, the laws of physics and the evolution of little bacteria? These things are real, not an interpretation of the truth. Sometimes yogis go a little far for me. I can’t just let what I know…go. I KNOW that gravity is real, and when I’m standing in warrior II with thighs aching that the pain is real, and it’s from the fight in my muscles against the pull of gravity. I can’t just ‘know’ otherwise to make that easy. Lactic acid has a name, the burn has a name. It’s hard to balance the logical exactness of science, with the flow and different perspectives of a yogic brain. I think they both have value, and many similarities, but sometimes….I just need reality.


PS. Congrats to my dad who started his yoga journey this year, and has made it to 80 classes in 2011 so far! So proud!