Practice 6/7

by Sarah

So, I’m finally caving to get internet in my new place. I wanted to hold out, because I thought being constantly connected would distract from my focus, and make me a less active person. And maybe it still will. But, not being able to blog, and not being able to read the blogs I want to keep up on, or look up classes for the fall, or search air fares is killing me. I have so much I want to do, but not the tools necessary to do so. That’s why I missed the blogging yesterday. After a sunny sunny day I hit the 8:30 Restorative Class with Sarah, and came out of the best savasana with all intentions of blogging. However, the hours of Starbucks and Blendz had other ideas. Unfortunately it had to wait until today.

Sunday was amazing. I did essentially nothing, all day long. A 3 hour long cat nap in the afternoon, and a sunny beach trip with the best company possible. Then I hit up a restorative yoga class. Sometimes, the path to bliss involves the least amount of effort possible… just trust in the flow to take you where you need to go.

Practice 7: Flow/Power? with Jennifer.

God I hated this class. I don’t know what it was, but it was painful. I couldn’t find a flow within the postures, for some reason only one song was played, and it had a bass track that made me think I was down-doggin on the d-floor. Not okay. It was listed as power, but ended up being a flow? I think I’ll probably avoid this particular class for the remainder of my challenge.

Right now I’m sitting in Blendz (sorry starbucks) sipping a white-mocha americano, munching on an almond croissant (i highly recommend these, btw) and chattin’ with one of my favorite Seattlites. Life is so good.

In other news, I’m applying for yoga related jobs to further my life goals. If you are potential employer reading this…welcome! (Please give me a job…)