Oh hey, didn’t see you there…

by Sarah

… it’s been awhile.

The 30 day challenge ended on Wednesday, but I certainly didn’t finish all 30 days. At last count I made it to day 24. And while I wanted SO badly to get to the 30th class, it just didn’t make sense for me to push myself to that. I didn’t wimp out, I promise. But between a trip to Seattle, and a badly strained back from work (newly coined the Barista Back) I couldn’t make it to the last 6.

But I wouldn’t call it a failure. There was so much I gained from having a consistent yoga practice (not that this is the end of a consistent yoga practice). My body feels stronger, despite the back strain, and despite of one week of not eating well enough to support any muscle development. I feel more at ease in new situations, less stress and I am learning to interact more genuinely with people. Probably due to the amazing influence of the yogis I’ve met during the last month.

I didn’t blog. I am fighting with the internet company to get everything wired up, and unfortunately that prevented a lot of posts from happening. But I’m back on the blogging train, and with no commitment to a practice everyday at yyoga, it means I can try NEW things, like running, or different studios. Any other suggestions for my new found time?