The fast-track life

by Sarah

As everyone heads back to school, I am at home for the first time in 18 years. And while I have things (great things!) going on in my life, they don’t seem to be heading in a linear path. If everyone else is fast-tracking towards a real person career, on the Highway to Success, I’m wandering through the Field of No Responsibilities. And, oh this field has nice wild-flowers to pick, but if I look up to the free-way above I can see my friends rocketing by.

How do I get on that highway? Where’s the on ramp? If only I had a path, where I could take specific steps towards progress. Instead, I’m wandering in my field. I have no direction and no purpose, other than to enjoy the flowers until inspiration strikes.

Hopefully in the form of lightning. Then there’s no way I’ll miss it…