by Sarah

I’ve started the most amazing job in the world. I get paid to listen to yogi rock-stars talk about their practice and their crazy awesome lives. And while, yes, there is a lot of other people’s sweat involved (ewewew), it still barely feels like a job.

50 percent strength and 50 percent flexibility is a principle taught in Bikram’s yoga. You never want to be so tight and muscular that you can’t open up, and you don’t want to be so open and loose in the ligaments that there is no joint stability. Ironically, the ‘meathead weightlifter’ and the ‘broken ballerina’ end up with the same joint injuries later in life. The muscle man from having too stiff of joints, where the muscles and ligaments pull the joint tight, and wear away the cartilage, and the ballerina from having little joint stability, and a wearing of the cartilage. Therefore, when you work your way into any position, you need to approach it with integrity; building and utilizing strength and flexibility in equal amounts. 50/50.