Here we go now… starting training in 7 days!

by Sarah

Oh....just like that...okay!

Excitement. Panic. Self Doubt. Anticipation. In thinking forward to the start of my official training I’ve experienced it all. The overwhelming question: What if I’m not good enough?

The re-occurring nightmare over the past few weeks:
“Welcome to teaching training. Please get into handstand for the next 15 minutes. Girl in the back….you clearly can’t do this…please leave.”

Even worse is the actual first assignment of training:
“What is yoga?”

As I wrote about last week (here ) I’m not sure what yoga is becoming anymore. What is REAL yoga? Or what does Semperviva feel is REAL yoga? As a girl used to citing the mating crosses of worms in her writing, my Bachelor of Science is not helping me in BSing any answers.

I. can. do. this. I. WILL. do. this. 🙂