Occupy the hips…

by Sarah

…. 1% of the body getting 99% of the loooooove.

Today I dragged my cold, tired body to One Yoga for the People. Located downtown just east of Cambie, this beautiful and low-key studio hosted Eoin Finn for a 90 minute Vinyasa class. An Eoin Finn class has been on my bucket list for a couple years now, since I discovered the Blissology Project.

And yes, he lives in Tofino...

The Blissology Project seeks to create an ‘Upward Spiral’ in your life, through the 6 Blissology commitments: Yoga, Meditation, Food Awareness, Nature Appriciation, Gratitude, and a Wild Card Commitment (posted every week online). A large part of Blissology is the Hammock Enlightenment…that different world you enter when you slip in to a hammock. You can find more about the project here.Obviously I wanted to see how this could fit into one 90 minute class.

I was blown away. After a ton of shuffling to get everyone in to the class (I’ve never had less space for my mat), Eoin called us to the front of the class. Get close. Real close. We were asked to take our intentions for 2012 (being the conscious yogis we all are) in our right hand, and hold out the palm of our left. Then we started sprinkling our intentions into the outstretched left hand. “You’re making an intention joint,” said Eoin. This was Gastown style yoga. Roll it up tight, and inhale deeply. Deeper, deeper, now hold it. The outburst of laughter set the tone for the rest of the class, that moved to make you leave happier than when you came.

A sweaty class consisting of some warm up vinyasas (doing our part to offset global warming, by using our bodies to create the heat), lots of hips, twists, IT band love and some core work, I wanted to hang on to every part of it. When Eoin stated that the most important prop is “not your mat, but your journal,” I vigorously nodded my head. It was real, and inspiring, and uplifting. I sat on my phone all the way home trying to type out everything I remembered to savor for later.

Eoin Finn is teaching at One Yoga for the People again on February 15th and 22nd. Check out his classes at the One Yoga for the People website.