Scripting Uttanasana- Forward Fold

by Sarah

blue muscles are contracting, red muscles are stretching

Today’s pose in teacher training was Uttanasana (intense forward fold). I’m having trouble scripting the posture, and we are supposed to look it over again tonight. Apparently you can’t just say ‘bend over’ and expect people to do it right. (ha. ha.) If you are the type of person who reads this and knows things (ie. has taken a yoga class), give me any feedback you have! Thanks!

PS. the picture is from our anatomy textbook which is based of The Daily Bandha website. Check it out if you already haven’t!

From Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

Inhale your arms up over your head, stretching tall through the spine, shoulders relaxed.
Swan dive over your legs, bending from the waist.
Engage your yoga core, pull up through the pelvic floor and elongate your back.
Bend your knees so that your stomach can rest on your lower thighs.
Let your hands rest on the mat in front of your feet, or reach for opposite elbows to release any lower back tension. Shrug your shoulders up and then away from your ears.
Inhale and stretch your spine out through the top of your head.
Exhale and fold over more deeply, straightening your legs to feel a stretch in the hamstrings, while maintaining the integrity of your lower back.
Breathe, and relax.

To come out of the posture, inhale, place your hands on your waist. Exhale, and with a flat back rise to standing. Lower your arms, drop your shoulders and breathe in mountain pose.

Tada! Tadasana!