by Sarah

Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva requires 40 days of meditation. We are doing Sat Kriya, and Kundalini style meditation, for 11 minutes. My arms burn, my feet go numb, and holy cow, it sucks all around. I don’t know how I’m going to get through it for 40 days.

We chant Sat Nam for 11 minutes, squeezing the arms above the head. With the Sat you tuck your belly button in and up towards your spine, with the Nam you allow your belly to release. Try it for a couple rounds. I promise you…this is uncomfortable.

We meditate to begin the release from samskara. Samskaras are the patterns we build in our life. The way we continuously react to stressful situations the same way. By meditating, we can examine the way we respond to an uncomfortable spot, and start to respond only by embracing the breath and the mantra. Hopefully by practicing in a safe space in my apartment I can take this out into the world with me.