Week 1 of Teacher Training

by Sarah

Week one has come and gone, and I am still enrolled in teacher training. And loving it.

Walking in to class on day 1 the most overwhelming feeling was one of uncertainty. With basically no knowledge of what the teachers’ training consisted of, we could only guess what the next 3 hours would contain.

Staring around at the 42 other students involved, you start to judge EVERYONE. Including yourself. “Ooh nice shoes, oh she looks fit, why didn’t I think of bringing a smoothie, she seems confident, wait, how do they already know each other….did I miss a class?”

We were asked to wait out in the lobby until the students in the class before us left. The start of our teacher’s training was a Vinyasa Power Class (start easy, hey?) open to the public as well. Bernie, an experienced teacher at Semperviva, led us through several heated vinyasas, and a great, humor-filled class. At one point in the flow, he actually said, “Now traditionally you insert a handstand here, but maybe we’ll skip it today…” THANK GOODNESS. No pointing and laughing at Sarah for today. I remember laying in savasana thinking….maybe I can actually do this.

The non-teacher training folk left, and we moved up closer to the front. Gloria, the founder of Semperviva Yoga, and head faculty welcomed us to training. (http://glorialatham.com/) This training, she said, is going to change your life. We will develop skills that will aid us in everything we do. It’s not so much about the physical practice, but the internal changes that happen. It’s not academic. Come to class, do the work, and it will happen naturally. “You can’t ‘ace’ yoga.” Listening to Gloria speak is hypnotic. She has so much wisdom and life to share, you find yourself entranced by every word. Her thoughts have been the highlight of the training so far.

We picked up name tags, books and made our way into a small circle for meditation and introductions. So many names to remember, but everyone seems so earnest and exciting. Many already have some background in yoga, having done RMT or physiotherapy training. Lucky!

That’s about all that happened the first night. I left feeling energized and hopeful, dreaming of a yoga filled life for the next 3 months.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all included a hatha class, and pose breakdowns. So far we’ve learned Tadasana, Uttanasana, Plank, Lower Plank and Cobra. Enough for a half sun salutation.

The thing that’s hit me the hardest so far are the people. EVERY single trainee is so welcoming and lovely. They remember your name, they ask you questions, and they really want to get to know you. AND THEY ARE SO SMART. I hope I get to know every single one of them better, and even create a few life long friends. 🙂