Valentine’s Day Yoga

by Sarah

Looking for something extra special to get you and your loved one closer? Try attending a Valentine’s Day yoga class! Yoga leaves you feeling open, euphoric and ready for love. And yoga makes your sex life better through improved flexibility, increased blood flow, and better endurance. Seriously. If your yoga isn’t giving you better sex, it’s time to find a new yoga.

EDIT: Real Scientific Reasons. Yoga is good for your sexy sexy times.

Classes and Events hosted in Vancouver:

– all free events will also be listed on the Yoga on a Dime calendar here

Semperviva Yoga
Semperviva Yoga has 2 events happening this week:

Partner Yoga -Couples only class
Getting all touchy feely with Chris Brandt and Theresa Campbell. No yoga experience necessary! You will learn how to support your partner in basic duo-asanas, and they finish with a gentle Thai Yoga Massage.
3:30-5:30pm Sunday Feb 12th at City Studio

Kundalini with Chocolate!
Come dance play sing with Kundalini Yoga! There is no focus on technique here! It’s about having fun and letting that energy fly. Come alone, bring a friend, and stay for chocolate.
7:30-9pm Tuesday Feb 14th at City Studio
By Donation to Rain City Housing

Che Baba Yoga

This studio is attached to a cantina- it’s pretty adorable. Perhaps you could grab lunch first?

Partner Yoga

how cute are those yogis?!


 YYoga has the ame contact partner yoga workshop as Semperviva on Feb 11th from 8pm-10pm. You can find the details here

Creative Flow Valentine’s Day Edition
Come flow, and listen to poetry from Rumi and Neruda and other poets. Open your heart and find all the love within you. Class will conclude with writing love letters to yourself, and your loves.
1:30-4pm February 5th at YYoga Highgate   $30/person


Know of another Valentine’s day Class happening in the city? Please let me know!