The pattern repeats for a reason.

by Sarah

I look at someone else being happy with what they are doing and say; hey. I could do that too. Maybe that’s the right path for me. And then ‘they,’ being obviously better at what they are passionate about, leave me in the dust, and I realize yet again that this path is not the one for me. I’m stealing someone else’s path. This schedule usually take about 6 months to complete.

The pattern repeats for a reason.

I spend hours in bed, watching tv, without anything to do. I could get up. Every now and then I decide that I need to be out of bed early every day, and be productive. The house gets cleaner, I get some reading done, but the next week I’m back watching sitcoms under the covers.

The pattern repeats for a reason.

A lack of passion is fatal. I have the passion. I just have nothing to direct it to. Just the act of ‘doing’ is not enough to get you somewhere. It feels like spinning the pedals on a stationary bike. As hard as you work, as fast as you bike, imagining yourself on the Tour de France, eventually you look down and realize that you haven’t left your basement.

I am currently looking for a bike and a map. Because once I realize where I want to go, it will be Success or Bust. Just you wait.