10 minute update on Teacher Training

by Sarah

I’m giving myself exactly 10 minutes to write as much about teacher training as I can. I’m long long long overdue for a post, life has been hectic between new jobs, new paths and lots and lots of yoga!

Things you’ll probably want to know about training:
Yes, I’m more bendy. Bendy Bendy Bendy.
But holy cow am I ever strong. All those push-up chaturangas are taking their toll on my shoulders and biceps. Whew.
I still want to teach after. More than ever probably.
I’m scared I’ll never get the chance to teach. There are SO MANY talented teachers in Vancouver I can’t imagine ever getting my foot in the door somewhere.
THE PEOPLE. The other 41 women taking the training are amazing. SO much love and SO much fun. I can’t wait until I can take their classes.

Things you probably don’t want to know about training:
We chant. Often. Om-ing happens several times a day. And I like it.
A lot of us are injured. We upped the amount of yoga we do dramatically. And real life is a factor too. A lot of us have to take it easy in some classes to make sure we can walk after. (My knee has been bothering me in lunges)
My chakras are….so aligned.

Ho-kay. That’s 10 minutes. I’m a slow typer apparently. I’ll be back soon, I promise!