Teaching my first class: “Wait, is the playlist on shuffle…?”

by Sarah

On Monday I taught my first official yoga class, to 4 amazing friends who came out to support me. I’d been planning this class for daaaaaays, the sequence was perfect, and the playlist was complete. I couldn’t wait to share what I’d been learning, and something I felt so passionate about.

It went really really well. It felt so natural to be guiding a practice, giving little adjustments and reminding people to breathe. My boyfriend was front and center (NOT a yogi…) and I felt so worried about him, he looked like he was really struggling. I ended up cutting out one Sun Salutation B series that I had planned. At the end he told me he was totally fine, so lesson learned: just keep teaching.

About halfway through the class my savasana song came on. Either I was going way way over time or … I had left my playlist on shuffle. Lesson learned: check your playlist settings.

The class was held at Kits Beach Semperviva Studio:

This is a BIG BIG space. There’s a fan that blows LOUDLY. There’s traffic outside the window. To fill this space with your voice is difficult to say the least. To say calming things while shouting is even harder. Lesson learned.

As the class transitioned down on to the floor I quickly checked the time: half an hour left. Shoot. How do I fill up all this time? I ended up adding on a Breath of Fire at the end, and hopefully a nice long savasana, with lots of adjustments. Lesson learned: time management.

I got some feedback from my class at the end, and they seemed to really like it! Especially my adjustments…a little massage love for everyone. This is something I admire Christa from Semperviva for, and it’s something I want to keep incorporating into my classes. They mentioned that the transition between standing series and the floor was a little quick…so I will work on incorporating more balancing/in-between postures.

My next class is April 17th, 1:30 at Kits Beach. Come play!