Wake up! Right meow!

by Sarah

Have you ever had something happen in your life that shook your being to the very core?

I moved into a new apartment last August. It’s on the second floor-ish, and points out into a back alley, so I started keeping the window open most of the time, for some nice end of summer air. One warm night before I had to open the next day at Starbucks (read=4:30am start time), I opened the window a little higher than usual. I wanted to make sure that it was cool enough to get to sleep. Fortunately, I managed to get to Slumberville quite quickly.

But not for long.

Around 2am I was awoken by the gentle padding of a cat at my feet. Aww…I thought to myself…so cuddly. Unfortunately…I have never owned a cat. I bolted upright, completely awake. Seeing the big, fat ginger cat at the end of my bed I did what any rational barista woken up by a strange animal on the end of her bed two hours before her shift would do: I screamed. Fluffy flew out the window and I slammed it down after him. My heart was beating faster than I possibly thought it could. I live on the second floor for heaven’s sake! How did he possibly get up here? Two sleepless hours later I opened my Starbucks. Wide awake.

I had kinda forgotten about this event (thankfully!) until a couple of weeks ago. Lately I’d been feeling lost and floaty and a could-care-less attitude towards life. I was unhappy in almost every single way. Compared to the driven, serial challenge-taker I was in university I was a mess. Working at a retail store was an exercise in dragging my ass to the torture chamber day after day. I would stand on the sales floor (in the same spot for 8 hours) and have panic attacks about the fact that I couldn’t find an escape route until 8 hours later. I made my sales goals, I was pleasant towards customers, and I was always on time for my shift. But so miserable.

Until one day, the DM called me into her office and told me to look for a new job. “You shouldn’t consider this long term,” she said.

“It’s not a good fit.”

At first, I got angry. I was literally asked to QUIT. Told I didn’t belong. At a job that, honestly, a monkey could have done better than me. I texted someone who used to know me (the driven me) really well. “Well, you always told me you’d never stay at a job you hated.” Huh. I’d forgotten about that. WHY. Why would I be angry about getting the best wake-up call of my life (fat cat cuddling excluded). I was just finished yoga teacher training, I had literally no obligations. I COULD DO ANYTHING.

I’ve ended up applying to a ton of jobs. Everyone in Vancouver’s seen my resume at this point in time. Whoops. But I also got to apply to my dream company. It’s an entry level position, but I’m really hoping to stay here for awhile. My second interview is next week, so wish me luck!

And watch for your wake-up call. cat, firing, or tidal wave.